Monday, September 17, 2018

Cut loss in Bureau of CORrections! BCOR!

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Most traders make fun on this stock they called it "Bureau of CORrections". I bought this stock without any plan. It's just happened that this stock is number 1 top loser. I am thinking possible bounce in the morning next day . I bought this stock last September 10, 2018 at the price of 2.50. 

Following day, from the opening I noticed that the seller are more than the buyer and the RSI 30 break. It gives me sign to cut right away specially my cut loss point is 1% to 3%. I don't have any reason to hold on to this stock and wait for the price to recover. 

The moment I sold all my shares in BCOR stock I never look back. But after 2 following days I checked it out because BCOR stock are number 1 top loser again. This is the time where I realized If I hold this stock from 2.50 down to 2.02 dated September 14,2018 I will lose 19.19%. 

Basically we're saying that this stock as we can see is a free fall day by day losses. There is nothing wrong to cut our losses not all the time we are winner in our trading journey we must accept sometimes we must loss. In trading world cut loss is a normal thing to do as a trader and investor specially in free fall stock and downtrend stock. Psychologically cutting loses is a mature thinking of being an investor and a trader.

From the moment we cut we must move on and find another stock for us to jump in different level. Always trade with a plan.

Date of Buying: September 10, 2018. 
Buying Price: 2.5
Selling Price : 2.44
Gain Profit/Loss  : -3.56%
Reason For Buying: For quick play/ no plan
Reason for Selling: Hit my cut loss point
Holding Period: 1 Trading Day

Why Food is Lifer? part 4 in September

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From my previous play last September 14, 2018. I decided to sell all my position in FOOD at the price of 1.15. It was a quick play conviction. I sold it because of it's consolidation stage where in the seller are almost equal from the buyer, psychologically thinking maybe it will drop until 1.09 to 1.12 price. 

I set my buying to 1.12 price. Then I got it! I don't have any plan to sell it earlier because of my full conviction once I bought this stock I will not sell it again until the Symmetrical Pattern break. In Fibonacci 23.6% at the price of 1.12 are still holding. I was thinking maybe it will reach it's previous high last September 9, 2016 at the price of 1.35 and September 13, 2016 at the price of 1.32.

One thing I've learned about trading is  "Don't focus on monetary value (money) focus on trade instead."

I haven't sell yet my position in FOOD stock because I'm having a fever this day. It's just the snapshot of my portfolio. I will wait until tomorrow let's see what the market say before I sell.  

Saturday, September 15, 2018

You are MAH-gnificent!

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MAH stock is one of my favorite stock even low volume. It gives me profit few days ago specially this stock was lifted from suspension last May 28, 2018. 

From the Chart below 1 hour time frame I noticed that the RSI raging into 24 to 28 and Dragon Fly spotted psychologically thinking maybe it will change from it's downtrend it could be the possible reversal. 

EMA and MA indicator crossed a sign for me to do my test buy. I bought some shares at 1.66 pesos and sold half of my position at 1.75 pesos. I left some shares because of some reason for me to stay like breaking out of RSI 30 candidate for SOR ( sign of reversal).

Date of Buying: September 14, 2018. 
Buying Price: 1.66
Selling Price : 1.75
Gain Profit : 4.17%
Reason For Buying: For quick play
Reason for Selling: Lock in profit. 
Holding Period: 1 Trading Day

The two IRC play!

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September 3, screen for stocks RSI: 60 above and ADX 25 above.
September 4 I literally bought my 1st tranche on top at 1.91 high is 1.93 and expecting for 1.90 to hold as support. This is not a goo thing to do for beginners and should not be done. The only conviction for this trade is the existing catalysts.

September 5 IRC open at 1.94 an intraday gap. The momentum we’re not sustained and stock shows some weakness during the day. I set a GTC for my 2nd tranch at 1.84. I tried to set my buy and sell and unconventional numbers since nnuebrs like 1.85 or 1.80 are psychloigical numbers. Many will sell or buy on this numbers. 1.84 got fill, my average now is at 1.86.  since I’m fuly allocated with this stock I closely monitoring it’s move.  Next 2 days the stock went down as low as 1.81 nearly hit my cut loss at 1.80. an  increase in volu me on Friday EOD is a good sign for the stock ..

The Exit, Monday was a busy day because of my job. the stock open at 1.95 a gap up and today the momentum we’re sustained. I usually sell using trail stop but I cannot monitor this stock I set a GTC at 2.10 and 2.15. sold everything with 13% profit.

Re-entry, what I sold I literally buy them back immediately. The only difference is this time the trade has more conviction. Whip will never happen on this play. The stock high is at 2.42 but closes at 2.34. The next day it was a roller coaster ride for IRC. The stock goes down as low as 2.12 (luckily I didn't see I was busy , If you don't want to whip do not check) I always joke around. Don’t take it seriously because it’s wrong.  The only difference was my conviction for this trade was at the highest. The stock rally at EOD and closed at 2.34. Now IRC is forming it’s DNA. Based on observations and notes the stock tend to rally at EOD. It is important for traders to know the DNA of the stock they trade. You are not obliged to know what their industry and what’s their business.   

The exit. September 12, set 3 tranches of selling and end up with an average of 2.63. sold all shares at 20.31% profits.  The learning on this play is it will never be wrong to take profits and as other great trader say don’t be afraid to buy back at higher prices.

I re-entry for the third time, now the basis is more on fundamental. We’ll see if it will come to 3’s.  follow this blog for the update on the 3rd IRC play. Godspeed everyone!!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Why FOOD is lifer?! Part 3 in September

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FOOD again, this stock makes me full. Same set up from my previous play as long as the Fibonacci  and Symmetrical Pattern 1.07 to 1.09 respectively support will not break. You can Check the pattern in this link WHY FOOD IS LIFER? 

Date of Buying: September 13, 2018. 
Buying Price: 1.09
Selling Price : 1.15
Gain Profit : 4.25%
Reason For Buying: For quick play
Reason for Selling: Institutions selling their shares, not enough volume to reach 1.24 price for Breakout. For quick play
Holding Period: 1 Trading Days

Why Food is lifer? Part 2 in September

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On September 13,2018, 11:30 AM Philippine time I am thinking if will buy FOOD again after selling all my position from 1.00 pesos to 1.17 pesos same day. Because I loved food for eating and FOOD stock for trading I bought it again. Same set up. Just for a quick play can still make money. 

Date of Buying : September 13, 2018. 
Buying Price: 1.13
Selling Price : 1.19
Gain Profit : 4.06%
Reason For Buying: Crossed MA and EMA candidate for quick play 
Reason for Selling: Just lock in profit. First conviction is only for quick play
Holding Period: 1 Trading Days

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why FOOD is lifer?

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This FOOD Stock has caught my attention from the beginning. From this Chart as you can see I draw the Symmetrical pattern for me to track where is the range for Breakout. Symmetrical Pattern Breakout is 1.09 while in Fibonacci Breakout is 1.07. 

At the opening the price went down to 1.00 and I bought it my reason because it crossed, it could be the Sign of Reversal. So I decided to buy more shares. 

Date of Buying: September 3, 2018. 
Buying Price: 1.00
Selling Price : 1.17
Gain Profit : 14.93 %
Reason For Buying: Crossed at the support area
Reason for Selling: Institutions selling their shares, not enough volume to reach 1.24 price for Breakout
Holding Period: 5 Trading Days