Tuesday, June 12, 2018


     Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), mostly I've met many Filipinos here abroad that they just only know how to save money from their account. Mostly they don't know how to get an insurance. Which we need. Most of us here are doing work with different companies they offering insurance as well that can be valid only when you are working inside or the insurance for accident  can be valid only when it happens during working hours.

     Good news for all the Remitters, BDO Kabayan are offering free life insurance: Here's the mechanics: 

You can check also with this link: BDO FREE LIFE INSURANCE

2. Just check the box and Fill-up. Just click the link: FREE LIFE INSURANCE ENROLLMENT after completing the application form only. Click SUBMIT.

3.  After enrollment of your account. You will receive the confirmation email from BDO Kabayan.

4. Wait one (1)to three (3) working days if  your are qualified or not.

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