Thursday, September 13, 2018

Terminology in Philippine Stock Market

Bullish - Bull represent strong and powerful in market moving upward pattern. Bullish market is harvesting time for everyone.

Bearish - Bear vice versa of bull in market it's moving downward pattern. Bearish  Market is selling time for everyone. 

Support - is the best area indicator  to buy and opportunity to accumulate more  shares.

Resistance - This area indicator mostly massive selling occur. The reason why the price movement hard to move upward.

Gap up - this is an open space between the candles upward, mostly filled.

Gap down - this is an open space between the candles downward mostly filled.

Pullback -  the price stock trend declining or consolidating from it's previous upward.

Shorterm Investor - a kind of investor not longer 3 years period of time.

Longterm Investor - this kind of investor holding their stocks above 1 year period of time, mostly putting their money into a blue chips that has good reputation in the market.

Quick Play - trader is the one who make this play, buy and sell within the day for a  couple of minutes or it can be by hourly play.

Rally - unstoppable price hike estimated to be reach 10% to 20% up, can happen during bull market and bear market respectively.

Paper Profit -  this is the virtual profit gain from your virtual portfolio using virtual money.

Paper Loss - virtual loss from your virtual portfolio from your virtual portfolio.

Shorting (short selling) - can make you good money by selling that the broker allows you  to borrow during bearish trend.

Divergence - combining between the price and indicator.

Bid - stands for a buyer where you can place your no. of shares and price to buy.

Ask - stands for a seller where you can place your no. of shares and price to sell.

Market Depth - term to be use to see the overall depth from flooring price to ceiling price of the stock.

Board lot - a term used for trading unit that you can trade multiple times, example if the stock have 100 board lot you can buy/sell for 100, 200, 300 and etc..

Odd Lot - a term used for not standardize trading unit that you can trade anything you want.

Projected Open - term used for projected price 9:00 am to 9.25 am.

Index - a term used for overall market price from selected blue chips.

Blue Chips - a term used for good and high end , good reputation company.

IPO - Initial Public Offering issuing stocks into a public to expand their company business.

FOO - Follow -On Offering second issuing stocks into the public happening after IPO.

Stock Split - a term used for increasing the number of shares and the price of the stock will follow through.

Crossover - is an area of an indicator crossing the line. 

Buyback - stands for repurchasing of the company.

Cross trade - trading between the buyer and seller mostly institutions with the same number of shares during market hours.

Bodega - Warehousing, Accumulation of shares.

BoBo - Buy on Breakout, size 20% to 30% initial break.

RoBo - Rollover on Breakout

BOMBA - Buy on Massive Break Away, All in after Throwback

LAMBAT - Laban at Massive Break Away Talaga , In tranches

SIBAT - Sell in Batches After Tinulak)

BAKAT - Buy Cut Buy Cut  pag umangat edi Jackpot!, All in 

YAGBOL - Yan ang Gapang Surebol - set up for breakout, markdown

THROWBACK -  Shake weak short term traders, down and up correction

Balancing Point - Standard Channel Errors, Noise

Spring Back - Needle Buttom Final Shake and Scoop

LiP -  Lock in Profit

LoP - Lock on Pullback

LoB - Lock on Breakdown

LoM - Lock on Markdown

SoF - Sell on Forward

SoS - Sell on Strength

SoR Sign of Rejection

SOR - Sign of Reversal

SoE - Sign of Exhaustion

SoBo - Sell on Breakout

FPOE - First Profitable Opening Exit (Ejak)

POGS - Pre Opening Gap Down Sabak

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