Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ano ba ang Droshipping at E-commerce?

Ano ang Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is used frequently without understanding what it means for local e-commerce.

When you say dropshipping it means you have no stocks on hand. If you buy stocks from a shopee, lazada or zalora and the seller ship it to your customer. That is not dropshipping.

Let me give you the 3 options if you are gonna do local ecom.  Remember local dropshipping has nothing to do with aliexpress or Alibaba.  You cannot dropship from china per say.  Shipping and COD is our major issue .

1.  100% dropshipping 

You don't have stock, you don't buy stocks, Nada.  You just sell and the supplier or fulfillment center helps you.  This is where ojmd comes in for Shopify and Dropify for lazada and shopee.  The supplier can charge you for their inventory access or for using their app. Deductions are made after order is shipped and received by the customer. This one is the easiest option.


2. Semi fulfillment 

You are not involved in logistics.  Here you acquire stocks . You send it to a fulfillment center to fulfill it for you . This is where you use companies like Silidan,  CliqNship or FBL. Now here, remember you buy stocks. So you need bigger capital than number 1 so you can secure stocks and send to fulfillment warehouse. 

FBL means, fulfilled by lazada . 

3.  Self ecom.

You are your own master. Here you do every stuff. You buy stocks, pack, ship to your customers.  This is pure you . No help,  no company . We call it self fulfillment.

Ano ang pag kakaiba ng dropshipping sa E-commerce?

✔️Shoppe at Lazada at Amazon etc ay e-Marketplace platform po sya, parang palengke po na may ibat-ibang store/sellers na nagtitinda.

✔️E-commerce - is a term used sa pagbenta  or any business transaction using internet. according kay Google: Electronic commerce or e-commerce (sometimes written as eCommerce) is a business model that lets firms and individuals buy and sell things over the internet.

✔️Kung magbenta ka s FB at may bibili, e-commerce din tawag doon, kung un sarisari store mo may website at kunyari may sinabi ka doon na pede sila pumunta at bumili s address mo, pede din po iyon ma consider na e-commerce. Ang website ng bank or un sinasabi online banking, pede din un e consider na e-commerce. Etc.

✔️Dropshipping ay isa din E-commerce. Dahil usually ang transaction nangyayari over the internet.

✔️Therefore, Ang mga words na Lazada, Shoppe, Amazon, Dropshipping etc na nabangit natin ay under ng E-commerce. 

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