" You don't find your worth with a man. You find your worth within yourself and then find a man who is worthy of you. Remember that!."

Being a single mom is hard. You will take the responsibilities of a father and a mother at the same time. The cost of living will be managed only by you. With all this in mind, "I pause" take a deep breath and told to myself, I can do this! I'll create my own lane and won't depend on anyone.

And my journey as a trader began on 2013. As a full time mom doing nothing the whole day except for taking care of my son. I felt empty and a bit useless. It wasn't my thing, all my life I wanted to do something relevant and productive. One day I try to browse the Internet for home job and part time job. There is a blog that catch my attention entitled  "How to Invest in Stock Market". I heard a lot of stories about the market how fortunes and dreams were made or more often shattered. My curiosity goes deeper and lead me to Col Financial website. From there, I learned you can open an account with P 5,000.00 and start investing. On my delight, imagine buying shares of companies you saw in TV's with 5,000 pesos. These are blue chip companies such as Jolibee (JFC), Ayala Corp.,( AC), Banco De Oro ( BDO) etc.,. To cut the story short without any further studies I test the waters with a little savings. I opened an account with Php 25,000. My enthusiasm on being an investor is high. What I know investing is will just buy this stock leave it there and it will increase its value (Buy and Hold). That's the only strategy I know at that time, and considering it's a bull market it worked for a while. My investment  earned more than any banks can offer.

A year passed and my investment portfolio grew by 20% can give you year on year, while PSEi ( Philippine Stock Market Exchange Index) grew by 11%.  I feel bit disappointed because I knew I can earn more and do better.

During that time I also tried to work from home as a freelancer Odesk (Upwork), Tagging Calls and Crowd sourcing  online jobs as my other source of income. My income from my investment were not enough  for us. I have a hard time to budget our money. I believe, the only way to earn more is to get out of the country. Most Filipinos find this as the quickest way to earn more. My sibling help me all throughout with my papers and also assist me to find a job in one of the ASEAN country (for you to find out 😊💛). 

I worked as a secretary for a few years and I got burned out. The work became boring to me and repetitive. I log in to my trading account and try day trading ( a process of buying and selling stocks within a day) I earned a little but most of the time lose money. My biggest lost at that time was about Php 8,000 pesos on a single trade a huge money for me and it feel sucks. My curiosity to learn day trading grew. Through social media I found a group of Filipino Traders. I joined and try to asked inquiries. Unfortunately, most answers were useless and was kind of bullying at some point it gives me courage to study by myself. It is important for a trader and investor to invest in knowledge first before jumping into the arena where the smartest mind battles everyday. I download PDF books about trading and red it on my free time. I tried to apply what I've learned on actual trading. I record some of my trades to track my progress and so far the result was improving compared before. I am earning more than I'm losing. I earned about Php 2,000 pesos a week accomplishment for me that time. During this time I still work as a secretary and became an ultimate member of ALT+TAB warriors. Many part time traders having a regular day job, ALT+Tab is the way. My focus were divided on my work and my trading career. I cannot lose my job considering I need a fix income and I'm still not consistent as a trader. My solution is to work at night and trade in the morning.

I need to ask myself a million times how is that possible? The only solution I can see it to resign and quit my job and find another job suitable for my trading hours,  which is night time job . I do love my job also some friends are made. I know it's a tough decision but I really need to make a final thoughts. I quit my daytime job and found new job at night for 5 hours only, different environment unlike before. Giving up my previous job being a secretary is one of the biggest decision I've ever made and sacrifice I've ever done for my life. For me the very best element balancing my life and my trading is that I manage my trades with the clock. I learned the importance of 4 things being a trader: Discipline, Time, Passion and Capital.

I cannot suggest that trading is easy to everyone. "You need to lose before you earn that is experience, you need to learn before you earn." All I can say that Trading can be possible career for those who have four things I mentioned previously. For all the women, OFW like me, for all the people all over the world who are trying to balance life, kids, money and a career the market is a great place to be your own boss.

PS: MG 💘

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